Meet The Makers

Coast Handmade is the family business of Amri Yusoff and Rebecca Crown.  Like most batik enterprises, we're pretty traditional about the way we do things – small scale, low impact and local; designing and producing everything in our own studio.

Our journey of discovery with batik began way back in 1997 when we were both Architects in KL.  Amri probably thought he’d escaped kampung (village) life for good, so it was a bit of a shock when his Australian girlfriend started dragging him around batik workshops in his hometown on Malaysia’s east coast.  Enter the ‘Asian Financial Crisis’ in 1998 and we found ourselves printing batik in Kelantan and selling it in Sydney.

Kids and commitments meant a return to the corporate world a few years later, but the passion for batik ran deep and when a batik design competition was started a few years later Amri entered and won a prize for the home furnishing section of the ‘Piala Seri Endon’ Award for batik and Coast Handmade was born.

Thinking back, our business really evolved from personal need – wanting to buy unique gifts for friends and family back home.  With most of Malaysia’s batik artists producing apparel, it was hard to find much you could take home to an Australian Auntie. So we decided to have a go and seven years later we are nothing short of passionate about showcasing the beauty and diversity possible in batik gifts and casual apparel.

These days we don’t do everything ourselves.  We have a small team who help us to produce, sew and package all our products, and we are in awe of their ability to juggle all the tasks we give them while our three kids dodge in and out of the studio and generally make their lives havoc.  Amri is usually found in the studio dreaming up new stuff or working with our team to make sure his designs are realized in perfect proportion, while Rebecca handles the admin and has the odd say in what colours go where.  It’s fun, it’s sometimes hard work and most of all it is a great adventure for our family, so welcome and enjoy!